Preparation Guide for the groom

Preparation Guide for the groom. Which of the wedding can be a hassle to charge the bride, and that only to do together? On this and not only in our guide on preparing for the groom.

Preparation Guide for the groom

Preparation Guide for the groom

  1. Wedding Date and Venue

Whether you need to define the number in the next few days, or you have left for another six months. Solve this issue together, then immediately proceed to the choice of the wedding site.

  1. Wedding Rings

Traditionally, buying rings – it is the task of the groom. If you do not know how to choose the size and design, do it together. But the payment still remains with the bride.

  1. Guest List

In drawing up the guest list be sure to engage the two sides. Thereafter budget to be discussed, and if necessary, adjust the number of invitees.

  1. Statement

That’s the bridegroom finds the address and opening hours of the establishment, which will host the painting. And he pays the same ceremony.

  1. Selection of witness

To choose better immediately after the engagement, having caught his face faithful assistant. The witness will not only help in dealing with organizational matters and the preparation of a bachelor, but also fills in at the right moment a friendly shoulder.

  1. Style

Theme wedding couple discussing together, because the concept should be clear to both partners. If you do not know where to start, try to answer these 20 questions.

  1. Rental of wedding transport

The choice of transport for the guests of the wedding and the question of logistics – is a male prerogative. By the way, you can always come up with an original alternative to traditional limousine.

  1. The choice of music

Playlist couple is together, but the choice of DJ groom can do you: Understand the technical component to ensure the quality of sound.

  1. The word of thanks

At the end of the wedding couple tend to appeal to guests with thanksgiving speech. Do not forget to emphasize the special role of parents, and the best wishes of the bride address quivering.

  1. Honeymoon

Discuss together how you see the perfect honeymoon. Perhaps this is not a vacation at the beach, and scale new heights. Therefore it and plan!