Customer Satisfaction

Achieve satisfaction of customers is one of the critical factors for any organization that seeks to differentiate itself from competitors and achieve better business results.

Then a Decalogue of ideas for meditation is as follows:

1. Commitment to quality service: every person in the organization has almost an obligation to create a positive experience for customers.

2. Knowledge of own product or service: clearly convey knowledge relevant to the customer about the features of the product or service itself helps to gain confidence from it.

3. Knowledge of the customers themselves: learn everything practicable about customers so you can focus on the product or service to your needs and requirements.

4. Treat people with respect and courtesy: each contact with the customer leaves an impression, regardless of the medium used (e-mail, phone, in person, etc.). This impression should always denote propriety.

5. Never argue with a customer: certainly not always right, but the effort should be directed to recompose the situation. Many studies show that 7 out of 10 customers would do business again with companies resulven a problem in their favor.

6. Do not make a customer wait: customers looking for a quick response, it is essential nimbly dealing with communications and decision-making.

7. Give always promised: a flaw in this aspect generates loss of credibility and customers. If a failure is inevitable, it should apologize and offer compensation.

8. Assume that customers tell the truth :  although sometimes appears that customers are lying, you should always give them the benefit of the doubt.

9. Focus on making customers before sales: keep a customer is more important than closing a sale. It is proven that costs six times more to generate a new customer than to keep existing.

10. The purchase should be easy: the shopping experience at the point of sale, website, catac√°logo, etc, it should be as easy as possible, and should help customers find what they’re looking for .